So here goes, blogging!  Can’t be that difficult after all it’s just a diary about me and my work and notable newsworthy items in the various magazines and on the web – …… right?

There seems to still be an amount of suspicions surrounding massage and the therapists who perform it.  Ranging from “strange men” calling to book a late appointment and mentioning that they are “nervous but game to try this new experience” – exactly where does it say on my website that this is a service I offer???  To the smirks and suggestions from “friends” on Facebook when they find out what I do for a living.  To be honest it can be damn hard work being thought of as a highly qualified professional who is very good at her job – but there it is, one of the challenges faced, thankfully not every day

For my clients – old and new – who value my abilities in “fixing” them, whether it is recovery from injury and rehabilitation to get back to fitness to simple relaxation and promoting a feeling of intense well-being – they know full well the benefits of regular massage and are living, walking proof that it is effective and beneficial to their lifestyle no matter how old they are.

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