If you ever wonder why you should book an appointment for a massage, and particularly in Enfield North London, today then let me help you with a few reasons to persuade you….

Unlike a car you have only one speed: GO.

Be honest, have you ever heard your boss say “slow down, take your time”.  Have you ever thought “I can finish my lunch in my own good time because the meeting won’t start without me”.  Has the boiler broken down and whilst waiting for an engineer to call at 9 – 2 hours ago – have you told him when he finally turns up “ it’s fine I have nothing else to do today”.

Having a massage forces you to slow down and actually stop for about an hour or so. Time well spent when it means you literally and figuratively recharge your batteries.  Taking time out regularly means you can cope with the pace of life and bounce back easier when new stress hits.


“Everything aches” and “I’m getting old”

Do you feel stiffer each day? Every morning there is a bit more effort involved in getting out of bed rather than bouncing about like Tigger on speed? Is there a constant nagging in the small of your back or in your neck and shoulders that just won’t go away?

Having a massage will iron out all these niggles of pain and stiffness and magically when you get up at the end of the session you will feel lighter in body and in mind, ready to tackle the next thing on your never ending to-do li


Feels like there are not enough hours in the day and days in the week

Running around in ever decreasing circles? Is your calendar jammed with appointments, children’s activities and after school clubs, PTA Meetings, trips to the vets? Have you arrived at Monday and wonder where on earth the previous week went and did you actually have a weekend?  Are you constantly losing your keys only to find they are in your hand, ditto your glasses that are lodged on your head (or on the end of your nose) when not so long ago you were completely in charge and in control.

Well it sounds like you need a little R&R and an hour’s massage gives you time to pause, unwind and escape the spiral of madness that is our daily life and at the end you can return with renewed vigour knowing that you can return to this happy place again very soon.

Yes it really is this straight forward and even easier is the phone number is right here for you to ring now and book a massage.  Call me on 07887 865203 or 0208 372 2942 I am happy to discuss any concerns and answer your questions regarding massage.