Children’s massage – stress at school

Children’s massage is hugely beneficial for the stress that can affect children.  We often under estimate what can affect them and their wellbeing as it is easy to forget how it was for us in the same situation all those years ago.

September brings new schools and with that new challenges

  • Secondary – time table, moving around school for classes, more homework, new subjects, new friends, larger school, catching bus, longer day, specialised sports,
  • Junior – more learning, more rules, sometimes a new school away from primary, more expectations from teacher and parents, homework more structured
  • Primary – big step from nursery, more structure to day, learning not playing, school dinner not packed lunch, new friends, new teacher,


Massage can help reduce the anxiety by inducing a sense of calm. The breathing becomes deeper and regular. Better sleep is experienced which in turn gives a better start to the day when waking.   With new sports and games being introduced muscles can be overworked especially when the child is going through a growing phase.  Massage can help ease the associated aches and pains and help repair any minor tears and knots.  It is well known that generally very little attention, if any, is paid to the warming up and cooling down in a sports session in school, and that in itself can lead to cramp, knots and tears as the muscles are not warm before they work nor lactic acid removed afterwards.


A simple back massage is generally what I recommend for younger massage clients. As they start developing and participating in sports then legs are often in need of attention too.  


My youngest massage client at the moment has just turned 9 years old and he comes along with his mother once a month for his session.  Initially it was a request for massage because his Mum and Dad have regular sessions with me. However it tuned out that he had very tight upper back neck and shoulders on his first visit, more than you’d expect from one so young.  He’d just returned from a skiing holiday and the hours spent gripping ski poles and being dragged up ski lifts obviously had an effect on his upper body. He responded well to his treatment.  


The next time he came in he’d been saying his back ached and Mum wondered if it was him just saying it to ensure he got his massage!  Once again he surprised us when his back “clicked” during the session and he got instant relief and more movement in his mid back area. 


So it is without doubt that this youngster not only responds well to massage but he does actually need the monthly sessions to keep his back in good order. It can only help in the long term if he is already displaying signs of tension at such a young age.


Massage is of huge benefit to all ages and the earlier it is started means it will become a good and healthy habit and part of their life as they grow.  So many of the “problems” I see that have “been there for ages” will be picked up and dealt with immediately.

Please contact me to discuss massage for your children.