Reflexology can help with many childhood ailments.  This gentle, non-invasive complementary therapy can be very effective in helping the body’s own ability to self-heal.


Regular sessions can help keep the body in balance and “catch” a problem before it becomes a distressing condition that can feel out of control.  Children often suffer with constipation, colic and teething pains and, parents are usually reluctant to dose more and more medication in to their infant.  Reflexology is not a cure but it can help alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with these and other conditions.


With more serious conditions, for example asthma and epilepsy, Reflexology can be used along with conventional medicine.


As a complementary therapist I would never suggest any of my therapies are used “instead of” prescribed medication.  I am not an alternative therapist.  I firmly believe that both mainstream medicine and holistic medicine work together in achieving wellness and wellbeing in the client.


Reflexology sessions on infants and young children are shorter than those for an adult and the touch it lighter as their feet are very sensitive.  With a developing body it is important not to overload it with stimulation and the treatment is never painful.  If, at any time, the child becomes agitated or decides that they have had enough then I stop the session immediately.  It is counter-productive to continue trying to calm a child if what I am doing makes them more anxious.


I have worked with many children, some with special needs, and all have benefited and enjoyed the sessions very much.  Because I keep the sessions short and can read when their attention span is waning I have not had a fractious child in my treatment room.  I have a pair of "feet" for children to play with and it helps explain what part of the body I am on in relation to the area on the foot.


Reflexology is suitable for children of all ages and abilities. I ask parents to be present at all times during sessions with me until the child is 18 years old.


Please contact me to discuss reflexology for children and prices.




Massage a small baby.