“Time is a healer” is a well-known saying but did you know how true it is?

A good 8 hours of sleep helps the body renew and recover from fatigue, regulate hormones and aid in weight loss.  These 8 hours assist in clearing out the debris we collect in our body and give it a chance to heal when it is doing nothing else but sleep.


Meditation is well documented as being powerful at aiding the healing process as it puts you “in the moment” and helps you to release tension and stress.


Massage too gives the opportunity for restoration time to heal both mind and body.  With no distractions of phone, text, emails, social media etc this time spent having massage can fulfil you.  No sounds just your own breath slowly inhaling and exhaling, releasing the tension and allowing the sweeping movements of the massage to induce a deeper relaxation and sometimes sleep during the session.


Homeostasis is when there is balance of all the internal systems within the body and by reducing stress and helping to promote the self-healing power this can be achieved.  Massage is a very effective way of triggering the body’s own unique heling ability.


This “time out” is so important to refocus, rebalance and refresh that the next session should already be in the diary before leaving the treatment room.


We talk about a work/life balance but there is a third thing to balance and this is you!  No science is necessary,  just straight forward massage and an hour out of your day can put you back on top form and ready to take on the next challenge, task or just general day to day living.