There is a popular procedure amongst women currently to have liposuction with fat transfer, quite often in the buttocks – “Brazilian Bum Lift” (BBL). Many clinics advise Lymphatic Drainage Massage to help with the recovery after a procedure as it reduces the swelling and accelerates the healing. However despite this advice clinics invariably fail to say that it will need more than one massage session. It could be they don’t know but when potential clients ring with an enquiry it can be a lengthy conversation explaining why they will need to invest more money after their initial outlay at the clinic of choice.


Body sculpting clinics are worldwide and many women travel abroad where the costs are significantly cheaper than the UK. However there is a marked difference in aftercare, often a lack of any in my experience with the clients I have worked with in recent months.


Liposuction and fat transfer treatments take several months of healing and recovery afterwards.  The initial success of the procedure needs aftercare involving wearing a compression garment for several weeks, lymphatic drainage massage and often diet and lifestyle changes to complete and maintain what the surgeon has done.


Clients who come to me for Lymphatic Drainage Massage must be prepared to undertake a minimum of 6 sessions and then we re-evaluate and continue with a few more if necessary. These initial 6 sessions have to be paid for in advance but the add on sessions can be “pay as you go”.  It has been my experience with working such clients over several years that has given me the knowledge that six sessions is the minimum requirement after undergoing liposuction surgery with or without fat transfer.