There are huge benefits to incorporating regular massage sessions in to your training as a cyclist.  It doesn’t matter whether you are serious about your cycling and train for every sportif around the country, or maybe you have your sights set on the Tour de France.  Are you an occasional cyclist who makes the weekend your time to train or do you cycle to work each day and consider yourself “a cyclist”.

It doesn’t matter, it really doesn’t.  All that matters is that you get on your bike and exercise.  However what you should consider is how to get the best results in and around your training schedule.

Massage can help with so many issues and problems experienced by cyclists:

reduce muscle soreness,

improve range of motion,

break down of scar tissue that can restrict muscle movement

A question often asked is when is the best, ideal time to have a massage?  On the one hand it’s personal, you are the best judge of how you feel and how your body responds.  But don’t dismiss the expert – the massage therapist – in whom you put your trust to help you get the best out of your body, your training and your bike.

4-5 days before a big ride/race

deep tissue massage after a strong training ride, this helps get rid of the soreness and gives you time to recover from the massage as well as the ride before the next competition

2 days before big ride/race

gentle massage after a lighter training ride helps the muscles loosen up and gets the legs ready to ride hard

1 day before big ride/race

light relaxation massage with some gentle stretching

Day of race

no massage, legs are primed and ready to go!

After big ride/race

It is not recommended to have massage on the day immediately following a big ride/race (similar for a marathon run).  There will be stress on the muscles and inflammation so better to let the body rest and start to heal itself for  a day or two and concentrate on gentle stretching and eating well before booking in with your regular massage therapist who knows your body and what is needed.