Yes Enfield, North London has a superhero – or heroine if you prefer. My superpower is: I get rid of pain.  Not in a Batman/Avengers kind of way with zap, pow and other such wonderful words but with years of expertise in massage therapy, lots of knowledge and generally a knack for seeking out the villains Messrs Pain and Discomfort.

As with all superheroes I have a mission statement, I want to make your body a pain free zone by eliminating the bad guys that are giving you a problem by using specific massage techniques..

Like all good comic strip stories the bad guys come in all shapes and sizes and the villains in my graphic novel are no exception.  A pain in the lower back could be due to a problem in the legs or the neck, somewhere completely unrelated in the eyes of the sufferer. It is only when I start working on them that clients realise they have pain and discomfort elsewhere that is possibly worse than the pain they came in with.  So hunting down and eliminating all the areas of pain that are causing an imbalance, mis-alignment and unease is where my superpowers come in to play.

Enfield North London is the location I am concentrating on with my super powers to extinguish Pain but geographically my abilities are limitless.  I have had clients from Australia book in to see me when they know they will be visiting and I have a regular client who lives in Devon; so I guess like all good superheroes I can be relied on to respond to a cry for help wherever that might be from.

Now I don’t wear a cape or mask when seeking out these nasty debilitating guys called Pain and Discomfort but that does not diminish my superpowers of detection and elimination.  These items are used for hiding identities and I have no desire to hide mine.  After all it is clients recognising me from my website and once they have met me and had a treatment session that gets me my repeat business, I can’t do that with a hidden identity can I?

To book an appointment with a genuine superhero based in Enfield North London please call me on 07887 865203 or 0208 372 2942.