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New Year, New Resolutions

The beginning of a new year is, for many people, a time to look both back at what was and forward to what might be. Although it’s not Springtime, the traditional time for re-growth, it is a time for change. Change doesn’t have to be excessive or even life changing but as the saying goes “a change is as good as a rest”. So think about little changes that could make big differences to your health and lifestyle.

Be experimental: try a new way of doing things. A new style of yoga class; a different route for your morning run; going a different way to work so that you have to walk further; choose a sandwich shop that is a good distance from the office so you get exercise at lunch time (pre order your lunch so that you can just collect and go). If the new idea isn’t a success try something else. Success is built on trial and error.

New Year resolutions are excellent for focusing and looking forward to change and improvement. However there is a certain amount of pressure and some people can feel the expectation to succeed and not fail very stressful. If you do get the NY hiccup and find you have slipped in to the old ways it really isn’t failure, it’s being human. It certainly isn’t the end of the world; you just need to stop, acknowledge the fact that you are not on track and then re-focus and begin again.

Be wholehearted: do you really want to do it? If you get roped in to doing a Zumba class when really you have always wanted to do the Pilates class in the next room then chances are you won’t give it your all. You will make excuses over the coming weeks to not go and by the end of March all attempts at regular exercise have stopped. By all means try but if it’s not for you be honest to yourself and your friends and arrange to meet up for a drink after class.

Be realistic: losing 5 stone before June so you can fit in to a tiny bikini is probably not a realistic goal. Losing 5 stone is not the problem, it’s the timescale. And of course you need to keep the weight off after the target weight is achieved. Small regular amounts of weight loss is healthier and achievable. There is no quick fix or short cut to weight loss. You have to reduce calorie intake and increase activity. Nothing fancy. No gadgets or special formula or magic pills.

Be open: to challenges, to change, to opportunities. Life is for living and participation should not be optional.

Remember January is only one month out of twelve. There are another eleven opportunities to make changes and get lifestyle, health and well-being on track.