Massage during pregnancy is perfectly safe as long as both the mother and the unborn baby are well and the pregnancy is progressing to the satisfaction of all concerned with their care.

There are many “old wives tales” about how massage during the early or later part of pregnancy is “unsafe”, however it is during these times that massage can be of huge benefit: reduce the effects of nausea, aid sleep, help reduce blood pressure, ease aching lower back, control puffiness in feet - to name a few.

The techniques I use during my treatment are a combination of Western and Eastern approaches in caring for the pregnant woman and her unborn child.  It is not just a simple case of making sure the woman does not lie on her stomach – there are many more factors and “energies” to consider to ensure that the treatment is as effective as possible and caters for her needs completely.

I use standard massage movements of varying depth, manual lymphatic drainage and shiatsu points.  These, combined with positioning, exercises and advice for easing the discomfort of pregnancy and labour, have proven to be of huge benefit and relief for my pregnant ladies and have enabled them to enjoy their pregnancies, which for some was not the case when they came to see me for the first time.

First appointment 1 hour 30 mins - £80

Follow up appointment – 1 hour - £50