Children’s massage – stress at school

By Lisa | August 29, 2017 | Comments Off on Children’s massage – stress at school

Children’s massage is hugely beneficial for the stress that can affect children.  We often under estimate what can affect them and their wellbeing as it is easy to forget how it was for us in the same situation all those years ago. September brings new schools and with that new challenges Secondary – time table,…

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Massage benefits to cyclists

By Lisa | January 16, 2017 |

There are huge benefits to incorporating regular massage sessions in to your training as a cyclist.  It doesn’t matter whether you are serious about your cycling and train for every sportif around the country, or maybe you have your sights set on the Tour de France.  Are you an occasional cyclist who makes the weekend…

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Massage Superhero Enfield North London

By Lisa | July 4, 2016 |

Yes Enfield, North London has a superhero – or heroine if you prefer. My superpower is: I get rid of pain.  Not in a Batman/Avengers kind of way with zap, pow and other such wonderful words but with years of expertise in massage therapy, lots of knowledge and generally a knack for seeking out the…

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