My oldest client is 97 years old and he has a massage every week and has done for over 4 and a half years – he tells me regularly “Lisa, Friday is the best day of the week” and that gives me a warm fuzzy feeling from the knowledge that he benefits so much from his treatments that his week begins and ends each Friday.

This is indeed very special and I have many more clients who also look forward to their regular sessions, be they weekly, fortnightly or monthly.  The same phrases I hear from them I will never tire of hearing “thank you I feel so much better” “I feel like a new woman/man” “it doesn’t hurt anymore” “look I can stand up straight” and of course one of my most favourites “would you like a biscuit with your coffee”.

And it is not just the elderly who benefit and know how important regular massage is to them and their job or recreation.  I have clients of all ages and abilities who rely on my expertise to do their job or perform well at their chosen sport.  From the carpenter who needs regular treatment for aches in the back to the personal trainer who has the tightest hamstrings and ITB (ileo tibial band – located on the outside of each thigh) and the Olympic Canoeist who had overdone the training and was suffering from upper back and pectoral tightness.

All these “problems” are ironed out literally with massage and exercise/stretches.  I love my work, every day is different, every massage is different, every client is different but the outcomes are the same in the sense of being good results and of course, satisfaction on both sides.

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